One of the most unusual tribes of the world — the Mursi live in Ethiopia. They are considered the most aggressive ethnic group.

All men of this tribe have Kalashnikov’s automatons which are illegally transferred for them through the border. The man must ensure the safety of the clan, constantly exposed to the theft of cattle and women by other tribes. Besides they start to drink since the early morning, and become uncontrollable till the evening.

Life expectancy, which in the rest of the country reaches 59 years, here collapses to 45. Most children will not turn 10.  

There is almost no hair on their heads. That is why all women-mursi generally wear the intricate headdresses of a difficult design made of branches, rough skin, marsh mollusks, dried up fruits, dead insects, someone’s tails and some smelly carrion.

The lower lip of this tribe’s girls is usually cut in an early age. They begin to put into the lip the billets of wood, every time with the bigger and bigger diameter.

The hole in a lip gradually increases during years. The “plate” of the burnt clay is put into the hole on the women’s wedding-day. This plate is named daby. The diameter of such daby in a lip can reach 30 centimeters, exceeding diameter of the head! However, the tradition to wear plates has appeared not because of beauty, rather vice-versa.

When Ethiopians were captured and taken into bondage, they violently had crippled themselves, and nobody wanted to take them after that. Now the size of a plate is a beauty criterion. The more is plate, the more cattle will be given for the bride. Girls-mursi always have a choice to do the hole in a lip or not. But for the girl without the stretched lip a very small repayment is given.

Pictures: Aran Martinez Solana | All rights reserved

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